Trainers from DubaiPT Platform Discuss Impact of Veganism in Fitness

Recognized as a user-friendly platform for fitness trainers in Dubai, DubaiPT breaks barriers by making vegan meal plans more accessible

DUBAI, UAE, March 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As a comprehensive platform for connecting some of the best personal trainers in Dubai with their clients, is on a mission to make plant-based nutrition more approachable while meeting and exceeding the highest fitness standards in the industry. This spring, DubaiPT is introducing vegan meal plans tailored to clients’ needs, specifically designed to allow them to truly harvest all the benefits of a regular workout routine.

Vegan Meal Plans Improve Your Health and Maximize Your Fitness Training Results

Research has shown that a vegan diet is beneficial to your health and ultimately your results at the gym. Experienced fitness trainers from DubaiPT announce that it aids your recovery time after an injury, or even just with achy muscles after your workout. The monthly meal plans DubaiPT trainers recommend ( contain a high level of antioxidants, which helps effectively reduce inflammation in the body.

More and More Athletes & Fitness Trainers in Dubai Endorse Veganism

Many professional and semi-professional athletes have spoken openly about the benefits that eliminating meat and dairy products has had on their performance and life. For example, tennis champion Venus Williams stated for Insider that a vegan diet improved her athletic performance and helped her to better cope with an autoimmune disease affecting her joints.

DubaiPT Helps You Match Your Nutrition and Personal Trainings

Giving up meat also means filling your diet with an array of colorful veggies, whole grains, and healthy plant-based fats. When you exercise, your muscles are hungry for fuel all day so these nutrient-dense foods help them regenerate more quickly. DubaiPT personal trainers provide clients with meal plans for quicker and easier weight loss as well as muscle gain. Improving your overall health is just an added bonus!

Learn More About the Meal Plans DubaiPT Platform Offers

Both personal trainers and clients can meet their expectations using the platform DubaiPT, designed to connect them. Aside from vegan meal plans, some of the most reputable fitness trainers in Dubai can provide each customer with an individualized diet that matches their requirements and workout routine. DubaiPT is located in Armada Towers, Floor 19, Dubai, and you can reach them at this number: +971 55 655 4507.

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