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Russia-Ukraine conflict: Security Council fails to adopt resolution “condemning” referendums in 4 Ukrainian regions

United Nations Security Council failed to adopt a draft resolution, which “condemns” the referendums held in four Ukrainian regions under Russian control from Sept 23 to 27.


The draft resolution titled “Illegal So-Called Referenda in Ukraine,” prepared by Albania and the United States, was vetoed by Russia, one of the five permanent members of the council.


Of the 15-nation council, 10 nations, including the United States, France and Britain, voted in favor of the draft, while China, Gabon, India and Brazil abstained from voting.


A ceremony was held on Friday for the signing of treaties to incorporate Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson into the Russian Federation.


Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in the event, which took place in the Kremlin.




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