Rabat – The letter sent by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the Head of Government on the 7th General Population and Housing Census (RGPH-2024) “outlines the contours of this large-scale operation, the data from which will serve as a basis for decision-makers and stakeholders when drawing up and implementing various sectoral policies”, said Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Aït Taleb.

In a statement to MAP, Aït Taleb emphasized that “this Royal Letter has the advantage of tackling, in a meticulous and scientific manner, new themes necessary to the various public policies and strategies, in particular the Royal Project for the generalization of social protection, which reflects all the interest that has always been given by the Sovereign to improving the living conditions of citizens”.

This important Royal Project, aimed at promoting social and spatial justice, constitutes “a real social revolution in terms of its impact on a large section of Moroccan society”, added the Minister.

Aït Taleb st
ressed that the RGPH-2024 will enable decision-makers to collect and update socio-economic data on households, while providing them with a forward-looking vision of needs, particularly in the areas of health and social protection. The census will also make it easier to adapt programs to current and future realities, to better meet citizens’ expectations, he added.

The Minister indicated that the next Census will provide an updated database enabling social protection and health programs to be adapted to needs, noting that his department will use this information to implement initiatives aimed at generalizing social protection and providing universal health coverage and adequate family compensation.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

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