The regional directorate of higher education, research and innovation (MESRI) organized, in Koudougou, on June 27, 2024, an exchange meeting for the benefit of all the branches of the ministry located in the Central-West region.

Improving the synergy of actions between the MESRI structures in the Center-West region is the objective set by this consultation framework.

According to the regional director, Dr Jonas Koala, it appeared essential that a consultation framework be established in order to facilitate the flow of information between the MESRI structures established in the region.

This includes the regional directorate of environmental and agricultural research at the Saria Center, the Nanoro clinical research unit and the regional directorate of higher education, research and innovation (DRESRI) based in Koudougou.

Dr Koala specifies that since its establishment, DRESRI has reached an acceptable level of operation. However, as it continues, its role in supporting MESRI structures in the Center-West i
s not sufficiently known by the actors of these structures.

Hence the need for this consultation framework to enable the DRESRI to have access to the needs of these structures in terms of support in order to fully play its role as a decentralized structure for coordinating and relaying higher education activities, research and innovation.

It was therefore a great opportunity for DRESRI to set out its objectives and ambitions and then to collect the expectations of the different structures with regard to DRESRI.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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