The Nima market has been filled with mounds of garbage for the past two days, causing traders to lament the unhygienic conditions at the marketplace.

The traders accused the assembly of neglect, feeling uneasy about how to address the situation due to food items being close to the garbage.

When the Ghana News Agency visited the market on Wednesday, it found heaps of garbage in the center area.

Some vendors were unfazed by the situation and continued to sell their food products to customers who had no choice but to purchase them because Wednesday was market day and food was more affordable.

According to the traders, the garbage had been piled up for two days, as attempts to collect it had been ineffective. While some pointed out that the assembly had failed in its job, others attributed the problem to the recent Eid festivities.

Miss Safiya, an onion seller, said the situation had seriously affected her sales, and the pile of garbage could pose a health risk to both traders and customers.

‘I am quite con
cerned for myself and the clients who buy meals from me. I am having difficulty breathing while sitting here due to the stench from the faeces. We have no alternative except to remain here and hope that the authorities take the necessary action,’ she said

Amerley, a customer, said she struggled to decide between purchasing pricey food products from other marketplaces and affordable food at the Nima market.

‘You see, food items such as onions, millet, and maize are quite inexpensive at the Nima market on market day; but I don’t have a choice but to buy the foodstuff. The filth here is quite a problem but we do not have a choice but to buy the foodstuffs here,’ she said.

Efforts to get the assembly to respond to the matter were unsuccessful, as representatives refused to comment.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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