Rapport d’évaluation EHA – RRM – ACTED NIGER – Mai 2022


The Diffa Region is facing an upsurge in attacks by Non-State Armed Groups (NSAG) presumed BOKO HARAM (BH). Their incursions are sometimes deadly, interspersed with extortion of goods from the population. Threats and ultimatums are given to people to leave their localities.

The YOUNOUSSARI site accommodates displaced persons from LABERIA located about 50 km on the bed of Lake Chad in the extreme south-east of the urban municipality of N’GUIGMI.

This population movement follows the joint search operations, carried out by the Nigerien and Chadian defense and security forces in the islands of Lake Chad during the months of April and May 2022. This operation therefore gave rise to clashes between the Defense and Security Forces FDS and GANE (Non-State Armed Groups) presumed BH (BOKO HARAM). This situation of insecurity linked to the clashes between the armed troops plunged the populations into a psychosis and disarray thus forcing the inhabitants to move to find refuge on the site of YOUNOUSSARI, located about 9 km north-west of the Chief- place of the Urban Commune of N’GUIGMI on the National Road.

A total of 365 households for 2,609 individuals, the majority of whom are women and children, have settled there in precarious living conditions. The housing conditions are not good and the shelters occupied by the households are makeshift, mostly built with millet stalks and other local materials from salvage. For some (most), the trip to the site was done on foot and for others on the backs of animals. The displaced people settled on the site on 02/05/2022.

Source: Government of Niger

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