Prime Minister Abiy Reviews Progress of Addis Ababa City’s Corridors Dev’t Project

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed jointly with the Addis Ababa city administration leadership, has reviewed today the advancement of the capital’s corridors development project currently in progress.

‘This morning, we assessed the advancement of the Addis Ababa corridors development project currently in progress. Our primary goal is to fulfill our commitment to transform Addis Ababa into a livable and welcoming city for its residents,’ the premier shared on X page.

While the process may affect properties owned or leased by various sectors, including the private sector, government, and low-income communities, the long-term benefits of this ambitious undertaking will be significant for all stakeholders and the broader public once completed, Abiy revealed.

Additionally, ‘We are observing the emergence of a new work culture, which is crucial to replicate and sustain nationwide to enhance national productivity,’ the prime minister noted. Furthermore, Prime Minister Abiy assessed the progress of activities
along the five designated corridors.

As previously announced, the city has embarked on an ambitious initiative to upgrade key routes and improve connectivity among these corridors, according to the Office of the Prime Minister.

The scope of work encompasses revitalizing neglected areas of the city, enhancing living conditions for residents in informal settlements, installing integrated drainage systems and utility infrastructure, expanding roads to accommodate rising traffic volumes, creating spacious pedestrian walkways, restoring heritage sites, and upgrading buildings to align with the city’s aesthetic standards.

The city administration has conducted extensive consultations with relevant stakeholders prior to commencing the project and has implemented various measures to assist households displaced by the development activities.

The development of these corridors is anticipated to be completed in the coming months, ahead of the rainy season.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency