PM calls on Women, girls, Islamic tradition to use culture for development

The Prime Minister, Head of Government; Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute has called on women, youths, and those of the Islamic tradition to see culture as an instrument for personal development.

He was speaking while opening a two-day international conference which took place in Yaounde from July 13-14, 2023.

This international Conference aimed to strengthen the commitment of religious leaders and traditional chiefs in their role as promoters of peace and human rights and as agents of behavioral change.

The conference on the theme: “Islam, Empowerment of Women and Youth, and Peacebuilding” was organized by the Council of Imams and Dignitaries, CIDIMUC, in collaboration with the United Nations Systems in Cameroon.

The Prime Minister stated that; “culture is an important leader of people’s development. In this context, it is essential that women and young people in general and those from the Islamic tradition in particular see it as an instrument of personal development”.

Musa Oumaru, the general coordinator of the council of Imams and Muslim dignitaries said, “the conference is the contribution of the Muslim Civil Societies to highlight the role women and youths can play.”

He further stated that the achievement of the National Development Strategy, SND30, needs very dynamic women and youths.

The conference also focuses on the role of the clergy in supporting the endeavors of women and youths, as well as the construction of partnership with the civil society.

Ms. Noemi Delmonte, the United Nation Population Fund, UNFPA, Deputy Representative intimated that “such initiative will help empower women and youths. Time has come to give women and youths the opportunity to contribute towards the development of the country”.

Participants from some 25 countries were present at the opening ceremony.

Source: Cameroon News Agency