PM Abiy Launches Ethiopian Federal Police’s EFP Citizen Engagement App.

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officially launched today the Ethiopian Federal Police’s EFP Citizen Engagement App.

The Ethiopian Federal Police and the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute have jointly developed the platform, which will enable citizens easily give tips on crime.

Citizens can use their smartphones to download the application and submit crime information in the form of images, videos, and documents.

The premier said on the occasion that the digital technology infrastructure being developed by the Ethiopian Federal Police will enable citizens to actively participate in crime prevention.

Today, the Federal Police Commission, in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Institute, launched the EFP Citizen Engagement App, abiy said, stating that the initiative is part of the Digital Ethiopia strategy, which aims to deliver essential services to citizens.

He said that 500 services are being provided through the digital system across all institutions.

To achieve its full po
tential, the PM noted that all sectoral work must be supported by Digital Ethiopia.

‘Over the past six years, the Federal Police has transitioned from analogue to digital systems. In our increasingly populated city, active citizen engagement is crucial. Available on the App Store and Play Store, this app enables citizens to actively participate in preventing criminal activities by providing tips via photo, video, voice, documents, or direct calls.’

Prime Minister Abiy urged all citizens to be proactive in securing our neighborhoods and cities.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency