PM Abiy Launches Construction of Residential Complex for Impoverished Communities

Addis Ababa: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has launched the annual construction of new residential complex, will be completed in the upcoming September 2024 to elevate the standard of impoverished communities’ living.

The premier posted on social media pages that the construction of this new residential complex would create a conducive and green environment, and elevate the standard of living.

‘Today may mark the last demolition we will undertake in the Aware area, which is rapidly transforming through our low-cost housing initiative launched six years ago. The living environment has been problematic, with shanty houses and inadequate toilet facilities for residents,’Abiy noted.

According to the prime minister, this initiative benefits not only the impoverished but also real estate developers in the area.

He added: ‘Through this project, we have witnessed and harnessed the spirit of continuity. Aware is a clear symbol of continuity showing that through continuous cultivation of what we have commenced, we can
transform a neighbourhood and uplift its residents.’

This year’s construction of low cost housing has been partially supported by the VISA Foundation, the prime minister indicated.

He further encouraged other similar establishments and philanthropists to extend their giving hands without being fatigued.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency