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PM Abiy Calls on Sudanese Conflicting Parties to Agree on Unconditional, Indefinite Ceasefire

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has once again called for an unconditional and indefinite ceasefire as well as immediate delivery of humanitarian assistance in Sudan.

The premier made the call at Sudan’s neighboring countries summit held in Cairo, Egypt, to discuss the current situation in Sudan.

“Ethiopia once again calls for firstly an unconditional and indefinite ceasefire; secondly for immediate delivery of humanitarian assistance to all beneficiaries affected by the violent conflict; thirdly continuation of dialogue for peace and stability by the Sudanese political forces; and fourthly development of a transitional arrangement for comprehensive peace to manifest in the Sudan.”

He pointed out that the moment in 2020, which signaled a new beginning for a democratic and a stable Sudan, has now vanished and we now witness intense violent conflict that is causing mass displacement, loss of lives, and widespread destruction in its place.

“My wish is to see a cogent authority at this moment in the sisterly nation of the Sudan.”

The destabilizing effect of the Sudan crisis is being felt in neighboring countries faced with waves of refugees fleeing the conflict, the PM said, stressing that this must not be allowed to continue in a state of perpetuating as this crisis no more remains contained within the borders of the country.

“It is not for lack of platforms and avenues of dialogue that this conflict persists, but for lack of foresight,” he underscored.

According to him, the Horn of Africa and the Sahara region will suffer greatly if the parties to the conflict continue to avoid existing mechanisms that have led out a clear path for defusing the violent conflict.

The premier further stated that peace process for the crisis in the Sudan need to align with the IGAD-led and AU supported existing initiatives.

The IGAD initiative has laid out potential path ways and its imperatives for stakeholders to provide the necessary reinforcement, Abiy added.

“As neighboring countries are working to overcome our own internal challenges, we should not be passive to impart wisdom to our sisterly nation nor should we further complicate the fragile situation by extending its longevity.”

He finally reaffirmed that Ethiopia stands ready to support an immediate resolution for the Sudan crisis.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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