PM Abiy Ahmed Stay in Egypt Successful: Government Communication Service

The stay of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Egypt and his participation at Sudan’s neighboring countries summit this week was successful, according to Ministry of Government Communication Service.

Government Communication Service Minister, Legesse Tulu briefed the media on the premier’s engagement at the summit of Sudan’s neighboring countries held in Cairo to seek solution to the conflict in Sudan.

According to him, Prime Minister Abiy has accomplished three major things during his stay.

First, the premier visited New Cairo, a satellite city in the eastern part of Cairo, where he visited religious institutions, museums and other places.

In addition, PM Abiy held successful bilateral discussion with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt, he added.

During the talks, the two leaders have agreed to further strengthen the existing relations between Ethiopia and Egypt.

According to the minister, the leaders focused especially on future social and economic cooperation relations as well as regional peace and security.

The leaders have also reached understanding on strengthening cooperation based on the principle of mutual benefitting as this is crucial to sustainable benefit and prosperity of the people in the countries, Legesse noted.

Ethiopia and Egypt have also agreed to work in collaboration to find solutions to the instability in the Horn of Africa as it is essential for the development of the region.

For the realization of this, the two countries have discussed about the need to enhance partnership without external interference and based on mutual respect and the principle of give-and-take.

The leaders of Sudan’s neighboring countries, who met in Cairo to discuss ways of resolving the current problem in Sudan, have urged the conflicting parties in the country to agree on unconditional ceasefire.

The leaders have also agreed on the delivery of unfettered humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the conflict.

They further emphasized that the warring parties must immediately conduct an inclusive dialogue based on the interest of the people of Sudan and without the interference of external forces.

Similarly, Ethiopia has also expressed its commitment to resolving Sudanese problem and ensuring peace and security in the region.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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