Overview of the West and Central Africa Region Solar Technical Hub (July 2022)

The Regional Solar Technical Hub is dedicated technical support for the West and Central Africa region on all aspects of solar powered water systems from the planning/design/procurement stages, to the installation and operation, as well as evaluation of systems and development of capacity building materials/training. It is a free-of-charge support, demand-driven support for any organization working on solar systems. The Hub can also support the process of identifying bottlenecks to scaling up solar systems at national levels. The Hub has been established to provide technical support to UNICEF country teams, sector workers as well as Government technical services. The objective of the hub is to provide support to ensure the correct design and operation of the systems, and to support the promotion of solar powered systems in the region.


Currently, the focus of the Hub is on support for solar powered water systems, but additional support will be provided for all power requirements for schools and healthcare facilities. The set-up of the RSTH has been possible thanks to the generous financial contribution of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ (Germany).



Source: Water Mission International