The population of Big Bananki a locality in the Mezam division of the North west region is complaining of the multiple extortions and fines being levied on them by alleged separatist fighters.

Reports reveal that they are obliged to pay extra fines to carry out several occasions and ceremonies.

“If you are bereaved they charge you a heavy amount before you can bury the corpse. If you have any occasions of any kind in the village they will charge you and come for you until you pay a heavy amount to them,” a source told CNA.

They also revealed that these separatist fighters demand a certain amount from parents for their children to be kept in school.

“ They said all primary school children will have to pay a sum of 500frs each and all Secondary students will pay 2000frs each,” the same source stated.

They also reprimand house owners to start paying a certain amount to them as rent including business owners before they can carry out their activities.

“They are charging FCFA 10,000 from each father and FCFA 5000 from each mother. How can they be demanding this money as rent from house owners living in their own houses? …They also said that people operating any business of any kind will from now on be charged a levy,” the Same source stated.

The population who now live in fear and uncertainty have called on the authorities concerned to come to their aid to ensure such perpetrators are called to order as the situation has left many to flee from the village for fear of the unknown.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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