Ministers have lauded the encouraging results registered in enhancing productivity, job creation, and green legacy in the Harari regional state.

Peace Minister, Binalf Andualem, and Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Assefa, have visited various development activities in the Harari region.

Among the development works the ministers visited included “Yeleemat Terufat”, job creation, Green Legacy, and usage of underground water.

Binalf said on the occasion that the efforts being exerted in all development activities to enhance productivity are encouraging.

The attention given to utilization of underground water to produce throughout the year is impressive.

Encouraging results have also been witnessed with regard to poultry and dairy development that are associated with “Yeleemat Tirufat”, he noted.

According to him, good results have also been achieved in protecting peace in coordination with security institutions.

Voluntary activities by the youth in repairing houses of vulnerable elderly people and other are well in progress, Binalf stated.

Planning and Development Minister, Fitsum Assefa said that the activities carried out in boosting agricultural productivity, job creation, and stabilizing inflation are encouraging.

She stated that the region has done well in planting tree through the Green Legacy initiative over the past 4 years.

Fitsum added that the region is well prepared to fulfill its responsibility with regard to planting 500 million seedlings in a day.

She further appreciated the small poultry farms in backyards of some inhabitants as they are crucial in alleviating inflation.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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