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Manaouda upset at le Jourdain carelessness

The Minister of public health Dr Manaouda Malachie has fumed at another unprofessional medical action at the Centre Médical Le Jourdan of Yaounde which led to the death of a baby. After a visit to the said hospital on April 10, Dr Manaouda Malachie reviewed the circumstances leading the death of a 7-week-old baby on April 2 after being received in this health institution on March 31.

The health boss condemned the the grave shortcomings noted in the care of the baby. Among other factors, the unavailability of a pediatrician, the manipulation of the child by unqualified personnel, the verbal agreement (not expressly written) by the family for a lumbar puncture on the said baby after a prior refusal. Even more upsetting was the discovery that the baby’s health situation was explained to the pediatrician via phone and instructions for treatment were given via the same channel and not in person.

The restitution of the facts showed that the personnel could not answer a series of questions such as the causes of the baby’s death, why the baby was not referred to a more competent hospital with a substantial technical expertise as well as specialists.

“We cannot make a lumbar puncture decision on the phone!” Dr Manaouda Malachie declared.

The Minister went further to consult the administrative documents which revealed that an authorization to operate had been granted to this health facility for category “C”, the equivalent of a health center but the facility has not been acting in this respect. This means that services offered at “Le Jourdain”, (MRI, scanner, surgery, fibroscopy, etc.) are illegal.

Moreover, the pediatrician who was in charge of the deceased baby was off seat although he is a public official. The Minister ordered that an investigation be carried out in this light.

“Immediately, the close collaborators of the Minster were given the task of carrying out an investigation with the maximum objectivity so that light is shed around this affair,” the communication officer at the ministry of public health said.

This visit comes after the minister was at the Douala Laquintinie Hospital to investigate a case of an allegedly kidnapped baby.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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