KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, Dec. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On 18th November, Lynk & Co launched in Kuwait with online livestream and offline reveal. The online launch livestream was titled “01 More Idea, 01 More Way”. Lynk & Co created a short movie to lead all audience to an adventurous journey with the 01 model. At the same time, a mega reveal took place at Grand Avenues, displaying 01 model till 27th November.


Launched in 2016, Lynk & Co is created for the new generation of open urbanites. The design is inspired by the landscape, time change and lifestyle in Mega cities all across the globe. Its development is the comprehensive expression of advanced technologies begin with Europe to fulfil the needs of urbanites. Lynk & Co is a new brand in the car industry, but not just a new car brand. Born global, open and connected. With a global view, the brand wants to build an open platform connecting people, cars and the world.

In Lynk & Co, premium is just standard. As the first model of Lynk & Co, 01 adopts the unique design philosophy called “Mega-city Contrast” to lead the global aesthetics and urban fashion. It presents the brand mission of “Changing Mobility Forever”, which shall bring Lynk & Co’s exclusive sense of value to the end-user on product experience.

Lynk & Co 01 creates an iconic family front face, which integrates urban skyline and urban matrix air-inlet grille to manifest urban youngster’s eccentric lifestyle. The lighting combinations which involve “Aurora Borealis” LED daytime running lights, “Energy Cube” LED Crystal Taillight and separated LED headlights with lens illuminate the urban life with the exclusive light of Lynk & Co.

With the strong powertrain, 218/160 Horsepower & 2.0 T4 EVO-8AT engine, well-tuned chassis and 20 ADAS functions, Lynk & Co 01 provides the feelings on ultimate driving control and outstanding intelligent driving assistance to drivers. In addition, Lynk & Co 01 has already won the 5-star rating in 2021 E-NCAP test to guarantee the industry supreme safety on occupants. In addition, its leading infotainment system offers the highest convenience in order to achieve the real-time connectivity with the world.

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