The results of the first round of the 2024 Baccalaureate were announced on Thursday June 27, 2024 in Titao. 43 candidates including 14 boys and 29 girls were declared admitted, an overall rate of 43%. 31 other candidates (09 boys and 22 boys) will undergo the second round tests.

There were 110 candidates registered for the series A baccalaureate, 100 made up of 25 boys and 75 girls in the first round.

At the baccalaureate series D level, out of 147 registered candidates, 141 candidates, i.e. 84 boys and 57 girls, took part in the written and oral tests.

30 candidates, i.e. 23 boys and 7 girls, were declared admitted, i.e. a rate of 21%. The other 31 candidates are in the second round.

Due to the difficult security situation, a large number of Loroum baccalaureate candidates were supervised in Ouahigouya.

8 series A candidates and 5 other series D candidates took the courses on site in Titao.

In the first round, 4 candidates who followed the courses in series A obtained their parchment and 2 in the secon
d round.

In series D, 1 candidate passed his exam and 2 others in the second round.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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