Addis Ababa: Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kuwait Sied Muhumed Jibril Confers with Vice President for planning of Kuwait University Professor Asad al-Rashed.

The two sides held a wide-ranging discussion on the ways to strengthen the relationship between the higher educational institutions of both countries’

On the occasion, Ambassador Sied expressed gratitude for the scholarship opportunities given by the government of Kuwait to Ethiopians every year.

He also explained about the presence of internationally competitive government and private higher education institutions in Ethiopia, that have been contributing many problem-solving research results in the past years and will continue to contribute in the future as centers of excellence in research.

In addition, the ambassador discussed the ways to conduct joint education and training experience exchanges with Kuwait University, and conduct joint research that is critical to the development of a country and addresses problems.

Finally, Ambassador Sied requested
for additional scholarship programs due to the presence of a large number of Ethiopians in Kuwait.

Professor Asad al-Rashed, on his part, mentioned that the Kuwait university will look forward working with universities in Ethiopia in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, energy and agriculture and also exchanging education and training experience.

He said in order to provide additional scholarship programs to Ethiopians at Kuwait University every year, the mission need to submit an official request to the concerned party and that Kuwait University will provide the necessary support.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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