Kenya’s U20 Women’s football team to face Cameroon without captain and seven players due to exams

By Biwah Bryan

Kenya’s U20 women’s team will be without their captain Jane Hato and seven other players in their crucial world cup qualification game against Cameroon on November 11 and November 17.

“We’ll miss eight players in this round as they will sit for their KCSE exams, including our captain Jane Hato. While their absence does pose a challenge, it’s an opportunity for eight new talents to shine. This new blood will hopefully integrate seamlessly with the team, and we’ll have a fresh face stepping into the captain’s role. We’ll work hard to overcome this hurdle in the upcoming round and hopefully, in the next round, we will emerge with a stronger, more resilient team,” said coach Odemba of Kenya

fresh off their stunning 10-1 victory on aggregate over Angola, the rising starlets now set their sights on Cameroon, with the first leg kicking off away in Yaounde on Saturday, November 11, and the return match at home on Friday, November 17.

Despite the absence of their captain plus seven others, the rising starlets have been diligently training for the past five days, hoping to come out on top in their crucial double headed encounter.

Worth noting is that, The winner of the tie on aggregate will face the winner of the fourth and final round, pitting Congo against Egypt.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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