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Han Yuchen’s exhibition in the National Art Museum of China Received Great Response and Reviews

BEIJING, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From October 29th to November 9th 2022,”Pursuing Dreams with a Pure Heart – Han Yuchen Oil on Canvas Collection” was opened to public in National Art Museum of China .

With 83 oil painting works, Han presented his 50 years of painting journey. The exhibition was highly commended. Since its launch, the exhibition welcomed many famous artists, art critics and art lovers to enjoy Han’s works. They spoke highly of Han’s philosophy of creation that art should originate from life. They expressed their hope for Han to build on this achievement and make more contribution to the development of Chinese art.

When Han unveiled his exhibition at the National Museum of China in 2017, Wu Zhenqi, director of China Calligraphers Association congratulated him in person. Four years later, Wu came to this exhibition again. He expressed deep admiration for Han’s relentless pursuit of art and artistic expressions.

Li Naizhou, a famous artist from Handan has a special feeling for Han’s works. Li thinks Han mainly portrays the life of people at the grassroots level as well as nature in his works which are the most vibrant. According to him, Han’s works are worth viewing due to the uniqueness.

Zhang Jianbin, a former editor of Hebei Fine Arts Publishing House, has been friends with Han for more than ten years and is familiar with Han’s early works. Impressed by Han’s oil paintings in recent years, he commented “It is very challenging to paint people in an outdoor setting. We can see his ongoing commitment to art and his increasingly mature artistic techniques.”

Visitors were lingering, taking photos, and pondering when seeing Han’s works in the museum. Many students attended the exhibit, lingering in front of paintings some of whom were sitting on the floor and trying to copy the masterpieces.

Hao Huangyan is an art-loving retiree in Beijing. She observes that Han’s works are the opposite of utilitarianism and formalism, because they come from life, full of strong feelings for ordinary people and also show profound painting skills.

In the past 50 years, through difficulties and obstacles, Han explored his feelings, kept improving himself and harvested great achievements. He is motivated by his own enthusiasm and infinite love for art to advance for more breakthroughs, more goals and even spiritual sublimation.

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