The General Union of Arab Journalists has renewed its “full support for Morocco’s territorial integrity in the face of foreign-backed separatist scheming”.

In a press release issued following the meeting of its General Secretariat on June 29-30 in Baghdad, the Union reaffirmed “its constant stances on the subject of Arab countries’ national sovereignty and its rejection of all forms of division and separatism”.

The General Union of Arab Journalists has also set out to send urgent letters to international human rights organisations, urging them to assume full responsibility for their failure to defend the rights of Palestinian people and to call for an end to the aggression against Gaza.

The Union also expressed its deep concern at recent developments in certain Arab countries, notably Yemen, and reaffirmed its steadfast stance in favor of legitimacy in Sudan.

It also highlighted its support for the unity of Libya and the independence of this country’s national decisions.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Pres

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