Garoua: Coton Sport suspends staff as sexual scandal rocks Elite One club

The management of Coton Sports of Garoua in a release on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, reassured public opinion and the football community of its determination to fight against any form of deviant behavior in the team.

The reassurance came following a complaint of “sexual harassment” filed by a former player of the club, against a staff member. The 18-time league winners immediately reacted to the scandal by temporarily suspending its staff member concerned, Mr Ousmane Bouba, Sporting Director while reassuring that investigations have been opened to shed light on the matter.

Ousmane Bouba was also replaced by Moussa Toure.

Sexual scandals have rocked Cameroonian sports disciplines with some cases going unnoticed while in other cases, the victims muster courage to denounce the situation.

A similar situation happened back in 2020 at the Karate Federation which led to the suspension of the federation’s president

This shocking incident at Coton Sport has highlighted the disturbing reality of sexual harassment in sports domains in Cameroon, It is a scourge that not only undermines the dignity of athletes but also hampers their progress and career growth.

The hierarchies often use their power to exploit vulnerable athletes to demand sexual favors. This has paved the way for a pervasive culture of misconduct, leaving many hopefuls shattered and discouraged.

It is high time that the sportscasters, officials, and athletes alike take a stand against such despicable acts. A safe and conducive environment is crucial for athletes to flourish and bring glory to their country.

It is up to all of us to ensure that sexual harassment is strictly condemned and punished so that our sports community can truly thrive.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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