Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that Ethiopia has created an enabling environment for the manufacturing industry.

The premier opened today an expo under the theme “Let Ethiopia Produce” with the view to revitalize the country’s industry sector.

According to him, Ethiopia has got enough land, water, and adequate human resource as well as energy that supports production.

Yet the country has not fully exploited this massive potential for the manufacturing industry, he added.

The country has embarked on agricultural productivity to supply adequate inputs to the industry and the mining sector has been greatly revived and many products can be used as inputs for the industry.

Acknowledging the energy sector which has greater importance to catalyze Ethiopia’s industrialized ambition, the prime minister said that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is anticipated to fundamentally solve energy challenges in the country.

“One important factor for industrial development is energy. The performance of the Grand Renaissance Dam is going on in a very progressive manner and this will be a great input.”

Pointing out at the sound industrial policy Ethiopia has introduced, Abiy urged Ethiopians to unite and engage in production to permanently solve the challenges of the nation.

Industry Minister Melaku Alebel said on his part that since the launching of “Let Ethiopia Produce” movement in May 2022, some 4,000 permits have been issued to investors.

The minister added that the ‘Let Ethiopia Produce’ movement is becoming instrumental for providing continuous solutions and identifying problems that hinder the manufacturing sector in the nation’s endeavors to build a vibrant industry sector for prosperous Ethiopia.

Following the movement, encouraging results have been registered in the manufacturing sector, specially in maximizing and diversifying products, Melaku noted.

Moreover, the minister disclosed that the nation used to produce only goods. But now the machine industry sub-sector has started emerging in Ethiopia and a range of products from power tools to different types of machines are being manufactured.

He further elaborated that this is a big departure for Ethiopia and the country is going to be export today one of the tools manufactured by its evolving through machinery manufacturing. This is the first event to be recorded in our history.

Some 70 large and 54 medium industries are displaying their products and services in the five- days expo at the Millenium Hall.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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