His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, has called on the Higher Council of Ulema to adopt an open and constructive Ijtihad in line with the zeitgeist and the spirit of the Sharia, when drafting the Fatwa relating to the proposals submitted in relation to the Family Code, said the professor at the Rabat-Agdal Faculty of Economic, Legal and Social Sciences, Mohamed Chemaou.

The Council is called upon to favor a clear-sighted Ijtihad approach that is both in phase with society developments and governed primarily by religious texts, through deductive reasoning of this subject’s precepts, he told MAP.

Chemaou noted that it is possible to draw on the methods of Ijtihad, exegesis and deduction on the basis of an approach in harmony with the needs of the current era, so as to resolve problems and amend provisions rendered obsolete by societal evolution and legislative development.

In this respect, he noted that HM King Mohammed VI had kindly submitted to the Higher Council of Ulema proposals of a
religious nature, brought to the High Appreciation of the Sovereign by the body in charge of revising the Family Code, so that this body could examine their conformity with the Sharia, the Holy Quran and the sources of Muslim law.

HM King Mohammed VI, President of the Higher Council of Ulema, had given His High Directives to the said Council to examine certain issues contained in the proposals of the body in charge of revising the Family Code, with reference to the principles and precepts of the holy religion of Islam and its tolerants purposes, and to submit a Fatwa on the subject to the High Appreciation of the Sovereign.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

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