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Ethiopians Marking 128th Anniversary of Victory of AdwaNCCE calls on students to work towards being better future leaders

The 128th anniversary of the victory of Adwa is being celebrated with various events across Ethiopia.

The anniversary is particularly celebrated in the capital Addis Ababa colorfully at the newly built Adwa Victory Memorial with military parade, artistic events and other programs.

The Adwa victory refers to the Battle of Adwa, a significant military confrontation between Ethiopia and Italy that took place on 1st March 1896.

The battle had resulted in a decisive victory for Ethiopia and is considered a historic event and a symbol of African resistance against European colonialism, it was indicated.

This year, necessary preparations have been made to celebrate the Adwa victory commemoration, which is mainly coordinated by the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) with a great national movement.

The anniversary is also being celebrated in all regional states, city administrations, institutions, embassies and consulates all over the world.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), has charged students of the Zanlerigu Junior High School in the Nabdam District of the Upper East Region to study hard to become successful people in future.

Madam Monica Mamattah, the Director of Finance at the NCCE said the ascertion that children are the future leaders of the country comes with a responsibility that required of them to work hard to attain the requisite human capital that would enable them to manage the affairs of the country when the baton of leadership is handed over to them.

‘As students, you are here to acquire knowledge and must foremost take your academic activities very seriously because your future and the future of this country hinged on you, and that is the more reason you should be serious about adding value to yourselves.’

The Director of Finance made the remarks when she addressed the students on violent extremism, as part of the Prevention and Containing Violent Extremism (PCVE) Project being implemented by the NCCE with f
unding support from the European Union (EU).

The PCVE project is being implemented in eight border regions of the country, including the Upper East, Upper West, North East, Northern, Savannah, Bono, Bono East, and the Oti regions.

It is aimed at creating awareness about violent extremism and facilitating activities to engender security consciousness, social inclusiveness, community cohesion, and situational awareness among the citizenry.

Mr Joachim Elbazar, the Nabdam District Director of the NCCE, noted that peace was essential to the development of every country, and as students, they must do well to maintain the peace the country was enjoying by avoiding acts of violence.

He urged the students to inculcate in themselves the habit of ‘saying something when they see something’ suspicious in their respective communities by reporting such suspicious characters to the security agencies and opinion leaders.

Mr Elbazar added that the Commission’s quest to engage citizens on the threat of violent extremism to
prevent the invasion of extremists in Ghana would only be a success when young people joined hands by saying no to violence and called on them to be peace advocates.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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