Microgrid and Resiliency Solutions Project Includes Infrastructure Upgrades to Meet County’s Long-Term Energy Needs

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla., May 22, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — e2Companies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for power generation and distribution, and its subsidiary, Palm Energy, are leading a Microgrid and Resiliency Solutions Project for the Erie County Department of Public Works, which aims to increase power reliability at their buildings in Western New York.

This initiative begins with the need for a more reliable, cost-effective alternative for backup power generation at the Edward A. Rath County Office Building, a 16-story building that houses many of the county’s public offices. e2Companies will install its patented R3Di® System to provide uninterruptible, conditioned power for the building. In addition, the R3Di® System will incorporate a new rooftop solar array, making it a turnkey microgrid, further enabling flexibility for the utility during times of emergency grid conditions. e2Companies combines the system with grid optimization software and services to strategically dispatch power based on weather, market pricing, and grid conditions to make it a full-service Virtual Utility®, the first utility-grade network of Distributed Energy Resources designed to deliver full visibility and control with a turnkey, integrated solution.

As part of a long-term partnership stemming from this project, e2Companies and Palm Energy will evaluate Microgrid power needs for other facilities across Erie County and recommend solutions that may include on-site power systems, which will enhance their reliability and sustainability, and in turn energy costs and savings.

“In addition to no longer having to worry about providing power to a mission-critical building, Erie County is able to use our expertise to participate in market programs that may not have been feasible in the past,” said Jeffrey Bonerb, Vice President of Strategic Business Partnerships at e2Companies. “Our solutions are available to commercial, industrial, and government entities across New York State, and we are excited to expand our portfolio in the NYISO territory.”

e2Companies will partner with 34 Group, a New York State-certified Minority Business Enterprise led by Hall of Fame running back Thurman Thomas, to manage the construction of other projects identified through their ongoing assessments. “The project aligns well with 34 Group’s mission to build stronger communities by investing in construction that serves the public good and creates more local jobs,” Thomas said.

Erie County Public Works Commissioner William Geary said the Microgrid and Resiliency Solutions Project is an innovative partnership that sets a foundation for the county to continue being good stewards to the community during this global energy transition.

“Collaborating with e2Companies, Palm Energy, and 34 Group brings together the expertise and resources needed to propel our energy projects to success, leveraging each partner’s strengths for a more sustainable future,” Geary said.

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