Entrepreneurial-led initiatives are solutions to climate change induced job losses

Madam Gloria Bortele Noi, Director Policy Planning and Monitoring, Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations, says entrepreneurial-led initiatives are a solution to addressing job losses caused by climate change.

She said erratic rainfall patterns and higher temperatures, influenced by climate change in the agriculture sector, had led to job losses in the country and likely to increase poverty and inequality rates.

Madam Noi was speaking at the Youth Employment Entrepreneurship (YEE) Global Forum in Accra organised by the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation.

The event was in partnership with the European Union, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana, and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

The Forum brought together policymakers, international non-governmental organisations, youth organisations, and the private sector in the employment and entrepreneurship ecosystem to influence and contribute to the policy environment for job creation.

It aims at promoting youth entrepre
neurship and employment to boost the development of the circular economy in Ghana and across the African continent.

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO), 80 million jobs could be lost due to climate change by 2030.

Madam Noi encouraged the youth to develop entrepreneurial initiatives with a focus on environmental sustainability to navigate the challenges presented by climate change.

‘I encourage the youth to develop the passion for venturing into entrepreneurship to overcome the challenges climate change presents. I also encourage the youth to develop partnerships to improve their businesses,’ she said.

Madm Noi encouraged entrepreneurs to leverage government initiatives, notably the green job strategy, and also be abreast with current industry trends and emerging technologies in the industries they operate.

Madam Barbara White Nkoala, Country Director for SNV, emphasised the role SNV had played in promoting entrepreneurship through the provision of funding and the introduction of ini
tiatives such as the GrEEN project to support target groups, notably women, youth, and returned migrants.

She disclosed that in 2022, 6.2 million people from 24 countries in Africa and Asia will have benefited from SNV’s support programmes and projects.

The Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana (GrEEn) project is a four-year action project from the European Union, the Embassy of the Netherlands, multinational organisations, and government agencies.

The project aims at creating greater economic and employment opportunities for youth, women, and returning migrants by promoting and supporting green jobs.

Through the GrEEn project, the country director said, returnees women, and enterprises had been supported through job fairs, funding, and business incubations.

‘We have rolled out fourteen (14) job fairs at district and regional levels, and we have developed self-employment opportunities for over 3500 youths, women, and returned migrants,’ she said.

Madam Marta Brignone, a representative o
f the European Union (EU) Delegation in Ghana, applauded the businesses that were present at the forum, saying the event is a testament to the potential of African youth in developing enterprises in the green economy sector.

The forum, she said, was also a testament to the partnership among different actors in the green economy ecosystem, notably the EU, SNV, and the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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