Elite 1 to start on September 27

Group A

A2-AS Fortuna

A7- Canon Sportive

A1- Dynamo de Douala

A3-Les Astres de Douala

A10-Union Sportive

A9-Gazelle FA

A5-PWD Bamenda

A4-Aigles Royal de la Menoua

A6- Bamboutos

A8-Colombe Sportive

Group B

B6- APejes de Mfou

B2- Fauve Azur

B4- Stade Renard

B7-Avion Academy

B8-UMS de Loum

B3-Coton Sport

B9-Yong Sport

B5-Fovu De Baham

B1-Victoria United

The Championship has been scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 27 2023 according to the following fixtures.

Group A

Dynamo vs AS Fortuna

Astres vs Aigle

PWD Vs Bamboutos

Canon vs Colombe

Gazelle vs Union

Group B

Victoria United Vs Fauve Azur

Coton vs Stade Renard

Fovu vs Apejes

Avion vs UMS

The top 4 in each group will qualify for the playoffs while others will play a relegation tournament to determine the 5 teams that will descend to the Elite 2.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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