Mr Stephen Yakubu, the Upper West Regional Minister, has described as worrying and abnormal people who kill one another to address problems with their neighbours.

‘There is no need to kill one another, the elders are there, the security agencies are there and the law courts are there to help address disputes and misunderstandings amicably without the shed of blood,’ he said.

He said it was always better for the people in the communities to work together to sustain peace and explore pragmatic ways and means to address conditions of poverty, which had over the years plagued them and hindered their overall wellbeing and development than killing themselves at the least provocation.

Mr Yakubu raised these concerns at separate meetings with the traditional rulers and the youth of Wechiau, Kandeu and Lassia in the Wa West District to share his sympathies and listen to them following the killing of three young men at Lassia during a communal clash between the people of Kandeu and Lassia communities on June 15, 202

He said poverty should be considered as the common and topmost enemy of the people and that it was only through peaceful co-existence and ensuring conducive environment that they could work to overcome poverty and underdevelopment.

‘Problems are always with us on daily basis but we need to continually sit and dialogue to find amicable Solutions to them, rather than killing ourselves as a way of solving them’, he said.

‘You must know what conflict does to the people and what peace also does to the people. The difference between them is that conflict is a threat to human existence while peace is the livewire of human development and wellbeing,’ he added.

Mr Yakubu pleaded with the traditional authorities, especially the chiefs and the landlords, to engage with stakeholders to work assiduously to resolve all issues pertaining to land and chieftaincy disputes in the area, as that had been a bone of contention, which ignited the clashes between the two communities.

He advised the youth to be law abiding an
d avoid associating the clashes with politics, as that could aggravate the situation and derail the peace processes ‘since this is an election year’.

The Regional Minister warned that any agitator who would want to escalate the issues to achieve his or her selfish interest would not be spared by the security agencies on the ground.

He also assured the bereaved families that perpetrators of the murdering of the three persons would be made to face the full rigours of the law.

Naa Imoru Nandon Gomah, the Paramount Chief of the Wechiau Traditional Council, commended the security agencies for their professionalism that had returned peace to the district.

He assured Mr Yakubu and the security agencies of the Council’s unflinching support to ensure peace to enable the people to go about their farming activities and other businesses in the area.

The Wechiau Naa appealed to the Regional Police Command to release the dead bodies to the bereaved families on time for burial to help cool down tempers.

He requested a
n increase in the number of security personnel on the burial day of the deceased to take care of any unforeseen disturbances.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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