Concerned Youth Association of Jomoro has supported the government’s Petroleum Hub Development Corporation (PHDC) and other partners in the execution of the Petroleum Hub Development Project in the Municipality.

Spokesperson for the Association, Mr Dominic Asare, addressing a press conference, at Half-Assini in the Western Region, said they believed that the project would bring significant growth and development for the people around that enclave.

He said to show their support for the project, the Association had agreed with Chiefs and elders of the Western Nzema Traditional Area to allocate the 20,000-acre land for the project.

Mr Asare said: ‘We in the enclave acknowledge that 3.68 per cent of the total land area of the Jomoro Municipality is very significant, and we believe that considering the enormous benefits Nzemaland and Ghana as a whole will receive, we have no regrets in our preference for the Petroleum Hub project.’

He recalled that between 2010 and 2012, their leaders battled against the reloc
ation of Ghana Gas to Atuabo because some people acted irrationally against the will of the entire Jomoro.

He said: ‘Communities such as Egbazo, Old Kabenla Suazo and Ndumsuazo were incited by the some detractors to reject the Ghana Gas project and the Coconut For Life Project espoused by some trusted by ill-wished statesmen which never saw the light of day.

Mr Asare said key members of the youth had been following the community engagements undertaken by the Petroleum Hub Development Corporation closely, saying ‘We are aware that at least, every community has been engaged at various levels.’

He said the PHDC and its allied agencies had registered 4,015 farmers and over 1,000 landowners in 12 communities and settlements.

On land compensation, he said, ‘Some of our family heads have out rightly rejected the issue of equity and demanded that their compensation be paid to them.’

The Spokesperson, therefore, urged the government and the PHDC to hasten the process and bring additional investments to cater for
the other phases.

Mr Asare said: ‘We are warning detractors and saboteurs of the project to keep their diabolism to themselves, as any attempt to stall the project will be fiercely resisted with all our strength and everything we believe in.’

Source: Ghana News Agency

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