Rosharon Montessori School in Tema Community 12, has ignited the culinary talents of its Junior High School Two pupils with a cooking competition.
The event was part of the Career Technology Education (CTE) programme introduced by the Ghana Education Service (GES), to enhance the appeal of technical and vocational subjects in basic schools.
The Career Technology Common Core Programme Curriculum, a recent addition by GES, aims to harmonise learning across classrooms, workshops, laboratories, and communities to foster effective career skills acquisition.
The curriculum is being studied by pupils in basic levels seven to 10 throughout the country.
The cooking competition specifically targeted basic seven and eight pupils, providing them with hands-on training and assessment in the vocational aspect of the Career Technology Programme.
The students were divided into six groups and each group balloted the meals to prepare.
The six groups were to prepare a full meal, commencing from starters to the desserts, where the first group picked waakye with all its accompaniments, the second, Banku and okro stew and grilled tilapia pepper, the third, fufu with goat light soup and chicken light soup.
The fourth group picked jollof rice, fifth group was to prepare fried rice and the sixth group, ampesi with kontomire and garden egg stew.
For those who were unfamiliar with cooking, it was a valuable learning experience, while those already skilled took the chance to demonstrate their prowess to their peers and teachers.
Teachers from various subjects supervised the six groups of 10 pupils each, as they prepared a diverse array of dishes.
Mr Samuel Donkor, the Career Technology Teacher, said they decided to organise the competition to introduce kids to food preparation, harnessing their talents for the future.
He encouraged parents to engage their children in the kitchen to help them grasp the basics of cooking, especially local delicacies, emphasising on the importance of practical knowledge in food preparation.
The judges commended the students for their efforts and encouraged them to explore local dishes further in their future exhibitions.
In the end, group six emerged as the winners, impressing the judges with their preparation of ampesi with kontomire and garden egg stew.
The jollof rice group secured second place, and the fufu and goat light soup’s group claimed the third position.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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