Buea attack: Fako Mountain Lions claim responsibility

Two persons were burned alive in a car while another was shot. Thursday morning in Muea was a marathon day for locals who woke up to the trembling sounds of gunshots around Muea market, Small Soppo, and environs.

Armed men who identified themselves as members of Fako Mountain Lions and Ejona Black tar, stormed the area to enforce a two-week lockdown that was instituted by the Separatists to thwart school resumption in the Anglophone regions.

At a time when all was going well in Buea, the chaos and killings on Thursday sent everyone panicking.

” “There is joy in heaven” an Ambazonia force shouted as they burned taxis and killed civilians in Buea.

They identified themselves as working under Major General Sagat, who controls the group in Fako. The Mountain Lions are loyal to Diaspora-based, Samuel Ikome Sako, leader of a faction of the Interim Government, a group created to push for the independence of the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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