The population of Belo, in the North West region of Cameroon, say they are experiencing an unprecedented increase in prices of basic commodities as a result of impassable nature of their roads.

The Mayor of Belo, Ngong Innocent says the council has been responding to needs of the population through promotional and auction sales:

“We are putting in efforts that Belo should reopen, the people of Belo should come back especially in the administrative area. We have had a lot of support from the security forces for the transportation of food items and basic needs to the local population.

“The quantity of the food items that we previewed for a month, only went for a week. This means that the local population appreciated the efforts and came out in their numbers to get hold of these items. Today, we are happy to have more items. ”

One of the elites of Belo, Blasius Ntain Ntain says the initiative is laudable because it will help the suffering population:

“Reviving of the Belo business center is a wonderful initiative which the mayor brought. For more than 11 years, we have been excelling here but the crisis came and the whole place has been dragged to the mud. The population is really suffering, both elites and massive population.”

Following weeks of a raid carried out by a special military task force detachment, locals testify the promotional sales are timely.

This sale is the first of its kind since the market shutdown in 2018.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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