Aregentia, Austarlia & Indonessia Ambassadors Wish Ethiopia to Continue in Path of Sustained Growth, Peace and Unity

Ambassadors of different countries have expressed their wishes for Ethiopia to continue in its path of sustained growth in peace and unity in the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

Ethiopia will celebrate the first day of its New Year tomorrow with hope for peace, love, harmony and coexistence.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Argentina’s Ambassador Gustavo Teodoro Grippo said “I wish for Ethiopia to continue in its path of sustained growth, in peace and unity. Let the New Year bring renewed hopes of understanding and commitment among Ethiopians and with the world in order for this country to continue developing all its potential.”

The inclusion of both Ethiopia and Argentina into the BRICS will hopefully continue strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and cooperation, he added.

“During the preparations for the welcoming of the Ethiopian New Year, I particularly enjoy seeing the Adey Abeba flowers bloom and the city (Addis Ababa) turn yellow as decorations come up in anticipation of the celebrations,” the ambassador stated.

Ambassador Grippo pointed out that every Ethiopian New Year celebration inevitably brings him back to the corresponding year in the western calendar.

“I take it as a chance to reflect on the past in order to plan ahead for the future based on the wisdom accumulated in between. Come to think of it, rather than younger I feel older.”

Australia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Julia Niblett extended on her part a message to the people and Government of Ethiopia that Australia wishes for peace and stability in the New Year in Ethiopia.

“I would like to say on behalf of the Australian people and government Melkem Addis Amet to all Ethiopians. I would also like to send a message to the people and Government of Ethiopia that Australia wishes for peace and stability in the New Year in Ethiopia. It is important to take actions to strive for peace,” the ambassador said.

According to her, the New Year is a great opportunity to think about the future and to have new beginnings.

“There are so many wonderful and very positive things to celebrate in Ethiopia, not just the fabulous capability, innovation and hard work of the people of Ethiopia; but also so many wonderful cultural traditions which for us in Australia we are really eager to learn more about,” Ambassador Niblett added.

She stated that Australians always find it interesting to observe and respect the cultural celebrations across Ethiopia. And “I’m very much looking forward to celebrating the New Year.”

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Al Busyra Basnur also congratulated the people and Government of Ethiopia for the upcoming Ethiopian New Year.

“I would like to convey my best wishes to our friends, the Government of Ethiopia and my brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. I wish you a lot of love, joy, prosperity and peace in our mind, our heart and also peace in our country in Ethiopia and also Indonesia,” he said.

This Ethiopian New Year is a good time for everybody to “think and rethink and contemplate what we have been doing in the past and then what we are doing now.”

Moreover, the ambassador reiterated that Indonesia will continue to strengthen its multifaceted areas of cooperation with Ethiopia in the new year.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency