The dust is yet to settle as a Nigerian chef, Hilda Bassey broke World cooking records previously held by an Indian Lata Tondon.

In 2019, Lata cooked for 87 hours 45 minutes to hold the highest record ever attempted by a woman. But on Monday, May 15, 2023, Hilda Effiong Bassey cooked for 100 hours, beating her Indian counterpart in the Guinness World Record of longest cooking hours.

Nigerians trooped to her cooking site in Lekki, Lagos, to give their support to the sensational cook, who had become the star of the moment.

The meals from her kitchen fed thousands who took turns to have a taste of her cuisine.

Short;y after the feat, the Guinness Book of Records, said they were still verifying claims of her records. Days later, Hilda informed her fans that before she is officially proclaimed the record holder, she will need to upload proofs “and they are heavy to do so” she said, while asking fuming Nigerians to be calm.

But this is not all, a Liberian Chef, made things worst when he announced that he will be challenging Hilda to break her records. This is just a day after she hit 100 hours of non-stop cooking.

I find this appalling that some Africans who are supposed to support their own and celebrate the grace of Hilda, are instead throwing themselves into unhealthy competition.

When Indian-born, Lata Tondon, broke the records, there was no Indian, nor Asian who came up to brake the records. They all supported her, in her newfound fame.

The same Chef, Wonyean Aloycious, never came up to challenge the Indian but was quick to jump up and challenge Hilda.

When rumors broke out that he was about to make a challenge even before Hilda’s certification, I thought it was a joke until I made some research and found him confirming.

He said he was doing it for the culture.

In his own words, “GWR doesn’t have a time duration for one to break another person’s record! In so doing I don’t need anybody’s approval to make attempts in breaking a week-old record ????It’s not a hate or jealousy as you’ll see it”

I see a lazy chef who lacks initiative and can only get such when his fellow African Chef attempts a feat.

The Liberian Chef, Aloysius said, “I’m officially expressing my interest in sitting 120hrs new record for me and my country, breaking previous records holders.”

But this will have to wait until the GWR approves his challenge to start.

My question is why did he wait until Hilda breaks the record? I she out for publicity and clout chasing?

One thing is certain, the Liberian people and their media, have been pouring unflinching support and Aloysius is bent on seeing this happen.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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