Africa is the hope of Christianity – Pastor Otabil

Pastor Mensa Otabil, the Founder and General Overseer of International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), says Christianity has shifted from Europe and its focal point is Africa.

‘The centre of Christianity has shifted from Jerusalem, Rome, Europe, America, and it is shifting from America. All Missiologists agree that the next focal point of Christianity is Africa. That means something transformational is about to take place,’ he said.

He said the African Continent was a place of refuge for Christianity, hence the Church must be cleansed to be a good custodian of the mysteries of Christ for the next generation.

‘Christianity must be properly practised reflecting its true meaning,’ he added.

‘Africa is the hope of Christianity. We must build proper Christianity because there is too much need and poverty. Our ministry is now becoming need-based. Whilst we minister to people’s needs, they must know the doctrine.’

Pastor Otabil was speaking on the topic: ‘The Purposeful Church,’ at the Desert Pastures of the Foun
tain Gate Chapel (FGC) in Bolgatanga on the second day of a week-long annual conference of the Chapel, dubbed: ‘Bethesda’.

The conference is hosted by Reverend Eastwood Anaba, the Founder of the FGC, with other ministers billed to speak being Rev. Daniel Asiedu, the Chairman of the FGC, and Rev Mrs Rosemond Anaba, a Senior Pastor at the Desert Pastures, a branch of the FGC.

Pastor Otabil said per the history of Christianity, it had brought changes wherever practised, citing Asia Minor, Europe, the United States, and currently Africa, where it was reforming people deemed ‘as non-entities into worthy individuals.’

He said except for just a few European countries, most of the countries had turned their backs on God.

‘So when you go to Europe, you will find that Christianity doesn’t seem to be alive there.’

Pastor Otabil, who led the congregation to pray for a Christ-centered Church in Africa, said there were barriers in the African Church, which stemmed from its society.

‘We live in a hierarchical society,
where power must always be concentrated at the top, and hammered down on everybody. So, we become Christians and all though Christ is building something else, we allow our culture to undermine what Christ is building,’ he said.

Pastor Otabil warned that if Africans failed to build the church the way Christ wanted it, they would be like Israel with great promise, yet going into captivity.

Source: Ghana News Agency