2025 Presidential Elections:Frank Biya refuses to intervene in political issues of country

President Paul Biya’s first son, Frank Biya has stated that he is not going to intervene in political issues of the country.

He was speaking in Monaco, France to a group of supporters.

Rumours have since been going round of who will succeed president Biya at the presidency. Frank Biya’s outing has put an end to the agitation of his candidacy in 2025.

According to ActuCameroon, Frank Biya said; “I do not wish to intervene from a political view, because politically, I have a duty of reserve which you undoubtedly understood very well. It is clear that I will just try in a certain way to support a certain number of things and directions, but beyond that I will not comment on political positions,”.

“…This means that we have in a party statuses things that are well defined; we have what we call the natural leader of the party who remains the same. And it is important that we absolutely do no confuse the message. We must stay in his wake and try to accompany him,” he further stated.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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