Casablanca Stock Exchange Opens in Red

Casablanca – The Casablanca Stock Exchange began trading in the red on Wednesday, with its main index, the MASI, down 0.12% at 13,485.29 points.

On Tuesday, the MASI had closed with a loss of 0.29%.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

GiTEX AFRICA MOROCCO 2024: Over 1.5K Exhibitors from 130 Countries Converge in Marrakech for Tech Showcase

Rabat – The second edition of GiTEX AFRICA MOROCCO, the largest tech and startup exhibition on the continent, is set to take place from May 29 to 31 in Marrakech. With more than 1500 exhibitors from over 130 countries, the event promises to be a significant milestone in the African tech industry.

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, this prestigious international event aims to be a global showcase for technology, innovation, and networking. It will also serve as a unique acceleration platform for startups and innovative SMEs worldwide.

Initiated by Kaoun International, the international subsidiary of Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), and organized under the aegis of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform in partnership with the Digital Development Agency (ADD), GiTEX AFRICA MOROCCO 2024 aspires to become a central hub in Africa. It will foster discussions on the latest tech developments in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, telecommunications, finance, health, c
ybersecurity, and cloud computing.

Speaking at a press conference, Ghita Mezzour, the Minister Delegate for Digital Transition and Administration Reform, highlighted the unprecedented enthusiasm for this year’s exhibition. “With over 130 countries represented, more than 1500 exhibitors, 800 emerging companies, and an expected turnout of over 50,000 visitors, the scale of participation reflects the confidence in Morocco’s positioning as a regional digital hub,” she stated.

The event underscores Morocco’s commitment to reinforcing its leadership in the tech sector across the continent. “This exhibition aligns with the High Orientations of His Majesty the King, aiming to boost the country’s digital ecosystem and support the significant potential of young Moroccan talents,” Mezzour added.

A highlight of the 2024 edition will be the “World Health Future” event, dedicated to the latest innovations in the health sector. This event will feature leading international startups specializing in digital health, contrib
uting to the development of this critical sector in Africa.

The exhibition will also focus on advancements in Artificial Intelligence, with numerous startups showcasing innovative solutions. The goal is to converge views on policy-making to regulate AI use in Africa, ensuring it benefits the continent’s development.

Sidi Mohammed Drissi Melyani, Director General of ADD, emphasized the continuity from the successful 2023 edition. “Efforts have been made to ensure the success of this edition, allowing participants to exchange experiences, conclude agreements, and contribute to the development of their respective countries,” he noted.

Melyani added that GiTEX AFRICA MOROCCO 2024 aims to promote the Moroccan startup ecosystem and attract international digital investment to Morocco and the broader African continent.

Trixie LohMirmand, CEO of Kaoun International, pointed out the significant growth in local participation. “Morocco, committed to digital transformation, will be represented by over 500 local compan
ies, marking an 85% increase compared to the first edition of GiTEX Africa,” she said. This growth underscores the maturity and strengthening of Morocco’s technological ecosystem.

GiTEX AFRICA MOROCCO 2024 will feature prominent experts, renowned specialists, and political decision-makers, who will share their knowledge around three main themes: “Building a Unified Digital Africa,” “Connectivity,” and “Digital Cities.”

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Casablanca Hosts 3rd International Forum of Fishing Industry in Morocco

Casablanca – The third edition of the International Forum of the Fishing Industry in Morocco kicked off on Wednesday in Casablanca, in the presence of Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki.

Organized by the National Federation of Fish Processing and Marketing Industries (FENIP) in partnership with the Swiss Import Promotion Program (SIPPO) and the General Fishing Commission for the Mediterranean (CGPM), the Forum brings together major players in the fishing industry, as well as government representatives, researchers, private sector companies and international partners.

Held under the theme ‘Collaboration for sustainability: Crossed perspectives of research, development and the private sector’, this edition aims to share the progress made by the Kingdom and other brotherly and friendly countries in the responsible exploitation and preservation of marine resources, in order to create a dynamic platform for exchanging the best experiences and knowledge nee
ded to meet the challenges of sustainability and forge innovative solutions.

The conference is meant to strengthen the sustainability of the fishing industry in its three dimensions – economic, social and environmental – through focusing on the life cycle of seafood products.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Casablanca Stock Exchange Ends Trading in Red, MASI Down .59%

Stock Exchange (Casablanca) – The Casablanca Stock Exchange ended its trading session lower on Wednesday, with its main index, the MASI, losing 0.59% to 13,421.4 points.

The MASI.20, an index of the 20 most liquid stocks, was down 0.46% at 1,081.07 points and the MASI.ESG, an index of companies with the highest ESG rating, as published by Moody’s ESG Solutions, dropped 0.76% to 969.41 points.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency Sponsors First Handicraft Bazaar for People with Special Needs in Al-Quds

Al Quds – The headquarters of the Arab Organization of Persons with Disabilities in Al-Quds hosted the first bazaar of handicrafts for people with special needs on Tuesday, under the sponsorship of the Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency, an offshoot of the Al-Quds Committee, chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him.

This exhibition is part of the support agreement under which the Agency has financed the social empowerment project for people with disabilities in Al-Quds, through a number of specialized workshops in the field of vocational training and the development of productive skills for this category, in a manner suited to their abilities and skills.

The bazaar includes products from people belonging to families with disabled children, with the aim of improving their integration in all areas.

The Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency’s contribution is in line with the implementation of His Majesty the King’s high instructions to give special attention to all categories of Al Quds inhabitants,
particularly those with disabilities, pursuant to the results of the 3rd Annual Forum for Disabled Persons, organized by the Agency on April 27 under the theme ‘Improving quality of life, a collective responsibility’.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse