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Working visit of the President of the Republic HE Mohamed Bazoum, this Thursday, June 09, 2022, to Garbey Kourou, Dargol and Téra, in the area of ​​the 3 borders.

Garbey Kourou (department of Gothèye), a village located along the Sirba in the 3-border area, was the first stage of the working visit of the President of the Republic HE Mr. Mohamed Bazoum to the Tillabéri region.

It was then the turn of Dargol then Téra which will constitute the last stage of this important journey of the Head of State.

The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces carried a message of hope for the thousands of internally displaced people who have been living in these localities for some time.

President Bazoum asked them to return to their land and carry out their daily activities there in complete peace of mind because all the appropriate measures have been taken to ensure their safety.

Indeed, he announced the implementation of a new security strategy for all the villages located along the borders with Mali and Burkina by creating outposts closest to these borders which will serve as a shield, all accompanied FDS mobile patrols.

The second message from the President of the Republic was intended for young Nigeriens engaged in armed terrorist groups, to tell them that the door is always open for those of them who want to stop this activity, which has no future, and find a normal city in society.

The Head of State thanked the populations of Garbey Kourou, Dargol and Téra for their hospitality towards their displaced brothers.

Source: Presidency of the Republic of Niger

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