Woman who beat her child to death under custody

Yvonne Mulango who beat her child to death in Kumba, Meme division in the South West region, is being questioned by the Police.

She was rescued from a mob who beat her to near death, for killing her child. Neighbors said Mulango has been maltreating her seven-year-old child but they did not know it would come to the extent of killing her own baby.

Police forced her to carry the deceased to the mortuary.

“You maltreated her until her death, it’s your cross, you will carry it. You must put her in the mortuary. This is her own child, she personally gave birth to her…we are at the mortuary, and the population wanted to kill her but we saved her life and asked her to take the dead child to the mortuary herself,” a police officer said.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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