Veteran Diplomat Ketema Yifru Awarded Bego Sew Special Award

Veteran Diplomat Ketema Yifru has been awarded the 2023 Bego Sew special Award for his outstanding contribution in the diplomatic arena.

The Bego Sew Award recognize Ethiopians for their contributions and achievements in their respective areas of expertise.

Bego Sew Award has held its 11th round ceremony in Addis Ababa on Sunday in the presence of various dignitaries.

The award was granted in the various categories including teaching, culture, heritages and tourism as well as in trade and industry, humanitarian works, arts and public service.

Ethiopian Research and Studies Institute was awarded in the category of culture, heritages and tourism.

Ephrem Endale, Etenesh Wondimagen, Worku Goshu were awarded in the category of media, humanitarian works, and arts categories respectively.

In science and technologies catagory, Dr. Mulualem Legesse, in the Diaspora category Dr. Assefa Jajawo have received this year’s Bego Sew award.

Kuriftu Resort and Spa was awarded in the category of Trade, industry and innovation while Dr. Yayehyirad Kitaw for his dedication in his public office activities.

The veteran Diplomat, Ketema Yifru, who has served a minister of foreign affairs during Emperor Haile Selassie, has been awarded the 2023 Bego Sew special Award.

It was indicated during the ceremony that Ketema had also served his country in various responsibilities in addition to his contributions to the establishment of the Organization of African Unity and pan-Africanism.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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