The University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) Basic School has committed to creating awareness in the fight against illicit drug use in the Volta Region.

The Basic School has inaugurated a Destiny Club, which would collaborate with the Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC) in the Region to promote public awareness on the dangers of substance abuse.

Mr Seth Korgah, Headmaster of the School made known the initiative at an event in Ho to mark the World Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

He said the Region and its capital witnessed increasing drug use among the youth and that the school sought to support efforts at addressing the situation.

‘We have observed in our vicinity that there are a lot of guys into drugs. The internet is awash with all kinds of documentaries, and we are getting to know that even children as young as in KG are taking substances that make them addicted. So, we decided that since our children are part of the community, they are seeing those things, and they are vulnera
ble to drug abuse. So, we decided to do something about it from.’

Mr Korgah said the Destiny Club would pursue advocacy and education with the support of the NACOC, and also promote the formation of similar clubs in other schools.

‘Our strategy is that students themselves should talk about it. They should hear people speak about it, they should dramatise it, they should debate it and maybe we would be able to save some of them in future.

‘The Destiny Club is going to be a club in UHAS Basic, and we wish that it is in all schools around the country. They are going to form panels and discuss issues about drug abuse. They will go to other schools and churches and educate people about the dangers of drug abuse,’ he said.

This year’s World Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is on theme ‘Empowering the Youth Against Drug Abuse,’ and celebration begun with a morning float in Ho by children of the basic school to draw public attention to the dangers of illicit drug use.

They distributed tracts and he
ld up placard messages on the subject.

A public forum was held in the Cedi Auditorium of the University, which had a panel of top academics and stakeholders.

Commander Worlanyo Fianu, Regional Commander of the NACOG who delivered the keynote address, highlighted the fact that cannabis use was highest among youth in the Region due to favourable climate that made the enclave a cultivation hub.

He spent time elaborating the challenges with illicit drugs and spoke of the effects on the mental health and general wellbeing of the individual.

The Regional Commander said stakeholders should consider enhancing focus and interventions towards arresting the challenge, and commended the initiative by the basic

school, adding that community leaders and parents should provide the needed support for the efforts.

He said schools should implement comprehensive drug education programs and teach decision making skills to enhance youth resilience.

Commander Fianu Called for increased access to mental health services as we
ll as counselling and guidance for the youth.

School children got to view documentaries and other educative materials that broadened their appreciation of the illicit drug menace, and they expressed keenness on engaging stakeholders during the panel discussion.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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