By Nchendzengang Tatah

TIKO, Cameroon (CNA) – Over 200 widows gathered in Tiko on June 23rd to celebrate International Widows Day and call for improved living conditions.

The theme of the event, held at the Tiko Council Hall, was ‘Combating widow vulnerability, improving their socioeconomic situation.’

Qui Celine, president of the Tiko Widows Association, highlighted the challenges faced by widows in the region. These include:

Limited financial resources: Many widows lack the means to support themselves, especially with farming being the primary activity in the rural area.

Impact of the Anglophone Crisis: The ongoing conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions has significantly affected the financial situation of widows, with many losing their sole source of income from the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC).

Rising costs and property disputes: Widows face the burden of rising prices, including increased housing costs, and legal battles over property with their deceased husbands’ families.

ne called for government legislation to address property disputes and urged authorities to create a more supportive environment for widows.

Boudbe Glays, a member of the Dynamic Widows group, echoed these concerns and requested sustainable support from donors, beyond just food handouts.

The gathering, with its large turnout, signifies growing awareness and advocacy among widows in Tiko.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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