The population of Maga, a locality in the Far North region of Cameroon, have had an experience that many, especially the affected persons, may never forget.

The appearance of four elephants in town on Wednesday, May 24, startled residents, leaving many in panic. A woman lost her life following the invasion, with several others losing property in damages.

Reports from the Far North indicate that the elephants drifted from the path they were following and went toward the inhabited area.

“The group of four elephants were in their natural migration towards the Waza National Park,” the Ministry of Forestry said. The statement added that the officials concerned had engaged in an operation to guide the elephants to the park.

“This operation unfortunately aroused the curiosity of the population, who unconscious about the dangers, obstructed the corridor” the forestry officials indicated.

Efforts were intensified, the personnel noted, adding that “with the assistance of defence and security forces, the elephants were guided back to the corridor leading to the Waza National Park”.

No other incident was recorded apart from the death of the woman, whose name CNA got as Bintou.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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