Japan Provides USD 36.3 Million to Support IOM’s Humanitarian Operations

The Government of Japan has disbursed USD 36.3 million to support a wide range of operations to be implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in 2023. With this funding, IOM will help migrants, displaced persons, refugees, returnees, and communities affected by conflicts and crises in 25 countries.

One-third of the contribution will support IOM’s response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Japan has been supporting IOM operations in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries since the start of the crisis in early 2022. This additional support will bolster IOM assistance to vulnerable populations in Ukraine and surrounding countries, which are particularly affected by harsh winter conditions.

Projects implemented by IOM through this funding will support humanitarian operations in Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Japan’s contribution spans five regions and addresses the critical needs of migrants and their host communities. This is a testament to the strong partnership that exists between the Government of Japan and IOM,” said IOM Director General, António Vitorino.

In addition to life-saving humanitarian assistance, Japan will also support IOM´s urgent capacity building efforts for integrated border management and health response capacity to cope with COVID-19 and other public health emergencies.

Source: International Organization for Migration

Author Since: Dec 03, 2021

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