GERD Guarantee for Adequate Storage of Water for Difficult Drought Seasons: PM Abiy

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will have great benefits for all in its adequate storage of the Nile water, which is the best guarantee in drought cases that we may face in difficult seasons.

In a message he twitted in Arabic language, the premier said we in Ethiopia believe GERD will have great benefits for all among the developmental benefits is its adequate storage of the Nile water.

From this standpoint, we express our commitment to cooperate in vital projects aimed at ensuring common interests and sustainable development for our peoples, in which everyone is a winner, the premier underlined.

The Nile River has been linking the downstream and upstream countries for thousands of years as a lifeline in which the strength of human relations between the peoples of the region has been embodied, he said.

Since ancient times, Ethiopia has been sharing the Nile River with downstream countries, in a spirit of trust and we assure our brothers that this commitment has been strengthened more than ever and that this gift that God bestowed on us was not in vain, but rather because we, as a people and government, can assume the responsibility entrusted to us, the premier underlined.

He reaffirmed our constant communication with downstream countries and their leaders is a true reflection of their desire to strengthen brotherly relations and cooperation between us.

Ethiopia, as a people and government, will not harm its brothers, he said, adding our needs for development in the upstream and downstream countries multiply, due to population growth, which calls on Egypt and Ethiopia to work together in order to achieve sustainable development and establish a true partnership to achieve the aspirations of our two peoples for sustainable development and a decent life.

Abiy commend the wise leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his tireless efforts in building and developing the Arab Republic of Egypt, and we believe that the Renaissance Dam will have great benefits for everyone.

He recalled that trust and fulfillment of covenants are good and well-known characteristics of Ethiopians, and it is an integral part of the heritage of the Ethiopian people, and also one of the pillars of the Ethiopian government’s foreign policy.

Based on these values, the premier reaffirmed that Ethiopia is a country that does not neglect trust and never intends to harm its neighbors for divine wisdom that God Almighty chose the land of Abyssinia to be the source of the great Nile River, which is considered a gift and trust at the same time, and Ethiopia will continue to observe this trust and share this divine gift with its neighbors.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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