Friends of the Nation (FoN), an environmental Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), has lauded the government’s commitment in promoting a more resilient and thriving fishing industry through the annual closed fishing season.

A statement signed by the Executive Director of FoN, Mr Mevuta Donkris, and copied to Ghana News Agency as Ghana joins the international community to mark World Fisheries Day, said: ‘We commend the government’s commitment to implementing the fishing closed season, and encourage all fishers to comply with the 2024 edition, acknowledging that short-term sacrifices will yield long term benefits.’

The Day is being observed on the theme: ‘Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Sea.’

The statement recognized the unrelenting efforts of fishers, and their enduring dedication and bravery in the face of harsh marine conditions in contributing to food security in the country.

However, the NGO believed that the temporary ban on fishing and its accompanying hardship for fishers would lead to a more r
esilient and thriving fisheries industry.

The statement urged the government to take bold and decisive action to safeguard the welfare of small-scale fishers including the implementation of fishing safety measures in the fisheries regulation 2010 (LI 1968) and the Management plan 2022-2025.

It said: ‘We recognize their vital role in feeding our nation and our world. Let us work together to ensure their safety, dignity, and well-being, and to protect Ghana’s fisheries for a sustainable future.’

The statement emphasized that unity was key in the pursuit of sustainable fisheries and urged fisher associations in Ghana to avoid politicising the sector and come together to form a united front for their benefits.

‘By putting aside their differences and working collaboratively, they can advocate the rights and interests of all fishers, promoting a more resilient and thriving fishing industry for all and ensures a sustainable future for generation to come,’ it said.

Source: Ghana News Agency

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