The founder of the Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has told Christians worshiping in his Church, not to blink but to keep trusting in the Lord. Despite the headquarters of the Christ Embassy being reduced to near nothing by fire on Sunday, June 23, 2024, the Preacher said it was not a surprise.

‘When something like this happens, there are things to remember…I said to her, Do not be moved one bit. I said do not be moved one bit! Don’t be moved. I said to look beyond it, that is what you do. Look beyond it! Instead of debating the cause…we don’t reason like this’

Pastor Chris also noted that he knew something like this was going to happen but he was not ready to talk about it soon ‘Was I surprised, not even the slightest surprise…but that is another day’s talk. When something like this happens, we have to remember that we are not of this world…every single day, God protects us, he protects us, and he protects everything that he gives us with his glory and His grace, every single day.’

He also
asked Christians to be steadfast and know that God and his angels were present when the fire consumed the building. But the good news is that they will rebuild it.

The damages are said to be millions of US dollars, according to Pastor Chris. His Church also mentioned that the Christ EMbassy headquarters was the most beautiful auditorium in Lagos.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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