A group of Activists, advocating for the independence of the former British Southern Cameroon, now North West and South West regions, have urged the European Union to actively take part in the resolution of the conflict.

In 2016, a government crackdown on Anglophone Trade Union leaders led to massive arrests and subsequent arms struggles after some youths in the English-speaking regions picked up arms to fight back.

Members of the Southern Cameroon Ambazonia Activists Front, SCAAF, met in Belgium at the weekend and tabled a three-page memo to the EU.

Among others, they urged the 27-member body to recognize Ambazonia as a State in West Africa and table the discussions on the war at the EU parliament.

They also enjoined the EU to “Table our case to UNGA and cause the UN to assume its full responsibilities over the historical British Southern Cameroon” the statement read.

Negotiating with a third party to end the conflict, was also part of the requests made by the Activists. They want the EU to act as a third party during such negotiations.

According to Crisis Group, about 6000 people have died in the armed conflict with more than 70, 000 living in Nigeria as Refugees.

Source: Cameroon News Agency

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